Useful things to help you understand
your pain and move towards recovery.
Understanding your pain

Understanding your pain

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Moving towards recovery

Moving towards recovery

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For health professionals

For health professionals

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Understanding your pain

Leaflets and books

  • If only I’d known… A Flippin’ pain leaflet written by people living with pain for people living with pain highlighting some of the things they’ve learnt about pain that they wish they’d known before.
  • Explain Pain: a beautifully presented book  for people living with pain written by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley.
  • Knowpain: a booklet explaining persistent pain and what might help.
  • The Body Keeps The Score: Bessel van der Kolk shares how our past experiences can shape our mental and physical health in the present.
  • The Painfree Mindset: Pain Consultant  Dr Deepak Ravindran’s book provides practical techniques for pain management based on his years of experience in the field.
  • The Painful Truth: Monty Lyman is a doctor with experience of persistent pain himself. In this book he shares the science that helped him understand pain better.



Courses and workbooks

  • The Flippin’ Pain Formula: check out our Flippin’ Pain Formula. Whether you’re looking for videos, infographics or podcasts to help you understand pain – we’ve got you covered!
  • Pain Science Workbook: a workbook providing information about pain and what you can do to self-manage.
  • Permission to Move: paid online pain recovery coaching, delivered by registered health professionals. From the co-founder of Tame the Beast.


An illustration of Brian the Brain, Flippin' Pain's mascot, reading a newspaper.

Moving towards recovery

Step by step programmes

  • Live Well With Pain: a free website providing resources designed to help you learn skills to become an effective self-manager of your pain, including advice about activity, sleep and goal setting.
  • Pain Toolkit: a free website run by Pete Moore containing a pain self-management guide, resources and access to workshops and meet-ups. Includes information on activity, goal setting and medications.
  • painTRAINER: 8 free sessions that teach you effective strategies to manage your pain, including mindfulness, goal setting and acceptance and commitment therapy.
  • ReConnect2Life: a free NHS-run online programme aimed at improving the lives of those living with pain through physical and psychological approaches.

Getting active

  • We Are Undefeatable: a free website supporting people with long term health conditions to find ways to be active that work for you. Check out online videos for all abilities, some of which feature campaign ambassador Bill Bailey!
  • NHS Fitness Studio: take your pick from 23 free expert-led videos across a range of categories, from aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, to pilates and yoga.
  • Just Swim: advice on swimming, including information for those with health conditions.


Better sleep




  • Airing Pain: a podcast that brings together people in pain and top specialists to talk about the resources which can help, created by Pain Concern.

For health professionals

Podcasts for you

  • Physio Matters Podcast Part 1 and Part 2: a Podcast with the brains behind KnowPain, Mike Stewart.


Training for you

  • KnowPain: if you enjoyed the podcasts above, Mike Stewart also runs courses.
  • MSc Courses: various UK universities run Pain focussed MSc courses.
  • Neuro Orthopaedic Institute: an organisation providing information, evidence and support to patients and clinicians to develop modern pain science knowledge and skills.


Books and blogs for you

  • Painful Yarns: a collection of metaphors and stories to help you understand and explain pain.
  • Explain Pain Supercharged: a manual full of immediately practical information to help clinicians better understand the treatment of pain and how to help people rethink, re-engage and recover.
  • HealthSkills Blog: a blog aimed at professionals by Occupational Therapist Bronnie Lennox Thompson, who lives with Fibromyalgia herself.
  • Aches & Pains: Louis Gifford’s famous works are as accessible to laypeople as to clinicians.
  • Live Well with Pain: resources aimed at clinicians, both for your own learning and for sharing with patients. Don’t miss The Opioid Zone and Supporting Self Management sections.
  • Explain Pain: a beautifully presented book written by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley.

Sharing information with your patients/clients

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