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Pain? We believe you, and you’re not alone!

Scientists have learnt a lot more about how pain works over the past 50 years. This new research can have game-changing results for people affected by long-term pain.

The information below can help you get to grips with the latest (often surprising) science of pain, so you can manage your pain better.

People who watched the webinar said:

“I really benefited from this. It has boosted my confidence in the hope that I will be able to eventually do the activities I want to do.”

“Having the two people with experience of dealing with and ‘flipping’ their own pain was the icing on the cake, showing how this worked for real people!”

Watch the recording

Flippin' Pain Mascot Brian the Brain pointing to a jigsaw piece being put into placePlease help us understand how pain affects you by answering a few questions before and after watching the webinar recording below:

Pre-event questionnaire (please fill in before watching)

Post-event questionnaire (please fill in after watching)

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Do you have more questions that weren’t answered in the webinar? Watch our informal conversation answering more of your questions here:


Local health and care teams have produced a short leaflet of other websites and resources that might help.

Find information on sleep, relaxation, mental health and much more.

You can download the leaflet here.


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