A wheelie good cause

Passionate cyclists prepare to lead the Flippin’ Pain Community Outreach Tour this May.

25 cyclists are taking up the challenge of the Flippin’ Pain Peloton, a 180-mile bike ride across and around Tees Valley (7-12 May 2023).


A badge with mascot Brian on a bike. The text reads 'Outreach Tour, Tees Valley 2023'The peloton aims to raise awareness of Flippin’ Pain’s Community Outreach Tour, taking place over the same week: a jam-packed schedule of pop-up campaign events and activities in the area, where leading experts will sharing the latest pain science with those who need it most.

Statistics show that up to 43% of people in the North East of England are affected by persistent pain, the highest prevalence in the UK. The Flippin’ Pain team aims to bring hope to people they meet through the series of community outreach events, sharing a new understanding of pain and new possibilities for managing it.

Flippin’ Pain’s six key messages are used to explain the up-to-date science in an easy-to-understand way, some of which challenges our conventional understanding and management of pain. Through more people having a better understanding of pain, we can change our approach to it: how we treat it, how we think about it, and even how it feels.

Our great cycling spokespeople

The Flippin’ Pain peloton is a metaphor for the challenges of living with persistent pain. For many of the group it will be physically and emotionally demanding. It will require planning, preparation and determination, with success achieved through overcoming setbacks together as a supportive team.

The role of the peloton is to lead the way for the Tour as it stops off in different locations across the week, whilst raising money for charity Pain Concern. You can donate via JustGiving.

This year’s cycle team comprises healthcare professionals, researchers and people managing life with persistent pain, from across the UK. Joining them on the trail is Professor Lorimer Moseley, a world leading pain scientist and renowned pain educator.

You can see and read about the group on our ‘meet the team’ webpage.


Be part of the Tour

Wherever the peloton goes, the rest of our Outreach Tour team won’t be far behind, and anyone in the area can join us for our fun, free and informal activities:

  • Our exciting pop-up Brain Bus Experience is an interactive science lab-on-wheels. See first-hand some of the mind-blowing science that explains the brain’s relationship with pain. Expect VR taster sessions, myth busting challenges and more!
  • Coming to different venues across and around Tees Valley, our public talk (called ‘Pain: Do You Get It?’) is delivered by experts in the field. Join us to explore how Flippin’ your understanding of pain could change the lives of you and your loved ones forever.
  • If you’re a health or care professional, join us for one of our informal workshops.

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