Real stories


Linda’s Story

Linda shares how a Flippin' Pain webinar inspired her to plan for a healthy and active retirement

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Kathleen W

Kathleen’s Story

Kathleen shares how seeing a picture of her sister in the sea started a journey of courage

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Mac image 3

Ivor’s Story

Ivor tells us how a PMP helped him go from depending on a wheelchair to climbing mountains

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Petra’s Story

Petra learnt about the science behind pain and now she has some advice for healthcare professionals.

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Rowan Battison

Rowan’s Story

Rowan tells us how about her pain started in childhood and the challenges she has overcome

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Victoria image 1

Victoria’s Story

Victoria tells us how mild neck pain after a car accident progressed into all-consuming pain

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Steph 2

Steph’s Story

Steph tells us how pain medication didn’t help her condition but thinking differently did.

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Ian in cook show

Ian’s Story

Ian tells us about how understanding pain changed his life.

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Sharon’s Story

Sharon tells us how she copes with fibromyalgia and how it affects all aspects of her life.

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Tracey’s Story

Tracey tells us how it was hard to trust healthcare advice after her pain was previously disbelieved

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Michelle 3

Michelle’s Story

Michelle tells us about her journey with pain - from resentment to understanding and empowerment.

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Chris 2

Chris’ Story

Chris, a former farm worker from Lincolnshire, tells us how a PMP has helped his recovery journey.

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Georgia’s Story

Georgia tells us how she manages her pain alongside studying to become an Occupational Therapist.

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Laura’s Story

Laura, 31, has lived with persistent pain for 4 years and tells us how pain changed her life.

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Sharon’s Story

Sharon tells us about how a Bob Marley song and a Pain Management Programme changed her life.

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Claire 1

Claire’s Story

Claire found that learning about her pain helped her to recover from it

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Tess 2

Tess’ Story

Tess uses breathing exercises as part of Laughter Yoga to help with her pain related to Lipoedema

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Tina 1

Tina’s Story

Learning about the different things that influence Tina's neuropathic pain has helped her manage it

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Pete M

Pete’s Story

Pete feels he got stuck going round the healthcare system becoming what he calls a ‘Health Tourist’

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Ruth 3-min

Ruth’s Story

Ruth was fit and active at 28 when pain from a minor dance injury became persistent

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Kat Photo high-res-min

Kat’s Story

Kat still lives with pain, but she tells us how she no longer suffers and what it took to get there

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Fen’s Story

Fen from Lincoln, explains how understanding her pain helped her become a Pain Survivor

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Carolyn 5-min

Carolyn’s Story

Carolyn from Skegness lives with Spina Bifida and arthritis

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Brian 2

Brian’s Story

Brian had multiple surgeries and spinal injections

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